THEY New York

THEY was founded by three Manhattan-based friends who share a unanimous passion for minimalist design that captures both practical functionality and an inarguably sophisticated aesthetic. They draw from over 30 years of family expertise in the Japanese footwear industry to present high-quality craftsmanship with the greatest attention to material and compositional details. 

THEY New York's goal is to present a new alternative in lifestyle footwear with original designs and a fresh outlook. Their design is conceived to celebrate design itself, starting with a shoe as a blank canvas. Through it, they embrace a minimalist ethos while paying homage to the geometric precursors of German Bauhaus and modern Japanese graphics and architecture. 

Perhaps the most defining characteristic of every THEY product is the geometric shape seamlessly embedded within the shoe’s silhouette. But creating this distinct look is deceivingly difficult. In traditional shoemaking, the upper portion and the sole are created separately then pieced together, breaking the fluidity of the design. THEY's craftsmen have developed a meticulous method for hand-aligning the shoe's upper half with its custom made bi-color rubber sole, for perfect uniform connectivity. 


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