Marlyn Schiff

Marlyn Schiff began her career in the early 1980's working for several major fashion houses in New York City.  After five years of serving as an account executive, Marlyn turned her focus to designing jewellery, her true passion.  In no time, her designs were in high demand. 

Marlyn Schiff LLC was established in 1989 and is currently based in the Philadelphia area.  Marlyn's collection has always consisted of hundreds of styles, from semi-precious pieces to casted metals. On trend, Marlyn designs fashionable jewellery with a distinctive mix of textures, materials and stones and draws inspiration from a multitude of inputs, which are reflected through her unique pieces. 

Marlyn's business and designs reflect her spirit as a strong, independent woman who embraces her work, family and community with enthusiasm and love. 

Marlyn Schiff jewellery is designed for smart, sleek, confident women with a love for fashion.